Over 25 years
we specialize

in the production of packaging


25 years
of experience
and cooperation

Realizowaliśmy zamówienia do wielu znanych firm. Obsługujemy światowe marki takie jak: firma "Nemiroff", “Goral”, “Koelner”, “Lasocki”, “CCC”, “GAS Familia” korporacja „Arterium” czy firma "Nestle".

Nasza wysoce wydajna baza maszynowa, nowoczesne wyposażenie i stosowanie innowacyjnych technologii oraz materiałów umożliwiły nam zostać liderem w produkcji opakowań. Posiadamy własne studio projektowe, dział konstrukcyjny, zatrudniamy 150 wykwalifikowanych specjalistów.

Od początku swojej działalności systematycznie rozbudowujemy park maszynowy do produkcji opakowań z tektury falistej. Unowocześnianie procesu produkcyjnego pozwala nam na skuteczne sprostanie rosnącym wymaganiom naszych klientów. Reagując na potrzeby rynku, dopasowujemy asortyment do jego wymogów. Wykonujemy opakowania w każdym kolorze i kształcie, opracowujemy nowe wzory i ulepszamy już istniejące.

We print



Flexo printing

We produce

Corrugated cardboard

Solid cardboard

Micro cardboard

We focus on quality,

confirmed by certificates


We produce packaging
for every industry


We always keep finger on the pulse. Being open to novelties that appear in the world of printing we meet all requirements of customers expecting high-quality packaging. We offer offset printing or flexographic printing.

Additional refinements

  • varnishing
  • lamination
  • hot-stamping
  • congreve

Types of materials

  • 2-layer
  • 3-layer
  • 5-layer

For making these cardboard packaging, we use different types of waves: W, С, E, which fully meet the packaging requirements.

We reach out widely

Explore printing techniques

Offset printing

Offset printing is the most common printing process in the packaging sector. Offset printing technology allows us to realize any kind of large volume multicolor printing project in the packaging segment, as well as in books and other types of production. Quality together with high level of automation make it possible to meet even the most complicated printing requirements within short deadlines while maintaining a high level of production quality.

Advantages of offset printing:

  • Highest quality reproduction of the original.
  • Compared to all other types, offset printing differs in high quality and tonal range. The main colors (CMYK) and an additional color palette ("Pantone") can be used for printing, as well as various types of decorations.
Assistive Technologies

What technologies do we use?


For protection and to make the package look more tasteful, we use different types of varnish:

  • dispersion varnish
  • UV spot varnish
  • UV varnish on entire surface


Laminating protects the finished product from moisture and external influences. We use the following types of laminating foil:

  • Smooth - preserves image color, saturation and contrast
  • Matte - eliminates glare, allows additional decoration e.g. using UV varnish


For embossing we use metallizing foil (gold, silver and others) with a hologram or matt.

The method of this decoration is used to give the package a special allure, rich appearance, and also as a means of protection against scratches and damage.


Thanks to this technology we obtain plastic, convex image on the packaging.

We make die-cuts

We are ready to create from scratch or improve packaging construction. We will produce the pattern from the final material and make the die-cut.


Wide range of applications thanks to the variety of cardboards in the offer.

In-house cardboard production

The raw material for the production of cardboard, i.e. paper, is purchased from leading European manufacturers, such as W. Hamburger GmbH or Stora Enso Poland S.A.

Many years of cooperation and good partnership relations allow us to receive the highest quality paper on time.

We make ourselves:

  • different types of cardboard materials
  • production patterns
  • die-cut


Proven diversity

What types of cardboard do we offer?




For the production of such cardboard materials we use different types of waves: B, С and E, which secure the necessary load capacity of a particular packaging.

Type E

micro corrugated cardboard

(1,3 - 2 mm)

Type B

corrugated cardboard

(3 mm)

Type C

corrugated cardboard

(3,5 - 4 mm)

Type BC

micro corrugated cardboard

(1,3 - 2 mm)

Type BE

micro corrugated cardboard

(4,6 mm)


In-house production of materials
- use of the latest
printing technologies

Print is the most important

Graphic design

The full logistical process we start with the graphic design

Production of packaging

We produce packaging on the latest machines of "Heidelberg"

Overprints protection

We protect prints using different types of varnishes and their combinations

CMYK i Pantone

We print according to CMYK, as well as using additional colors according to the catalog "Pantone"

Spot varnishing

We use additional moulds that allow us spot varnishing

Safety and ecology

The varnishes used are safe for the natural environment and are ecologically clean


We have our own equipment for laminating cardboard and micro corrugated cardboard. The "JAGENBERG" gluing line ensures gluing of packaging in the most complicated configuration. The customer receives the finished packaging, and all that is left to do is to pack the product.

Die-cutting dies

Our business also includes the manufacture of quality die cuts used for  various materials such as:

  • cardboard
  • micro corrugated cardboard
  • paper
  • sculpting and similar

We only use high quality knives and materials.


Specialized team and technologically advanced equipment enable us to produce die-cutting dies with the highest precision, first-class quality in the shortest possible time. Special equipment makes it possible to manufacture die-cutting dies of various sizes, especially large formats. We offer a wide range of this type of works.

The machines are additionally equipped with mechanisms to realize film pressure, which allows to make  packaging with several types of film at the same time, and also to perform congreve or blint pressure. This adds a unique appearance to the future packaging, while protecting the packaging from counterfeiting. For this process, we use imported materials recommended for large formats and amounts, as well as film of different types and colors.


Houses 3D

Thanks to the application of modern production techniques, we offer a splendid attraction for the youngest.

Dimensions: 70 x 95 x 120 cm
(dimensions of packaging of the assembled house: 74 x 100 x 6 cm)
Weight: 3kg

Order your house

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