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Cardboard Boxes Wholesale

Partnering with the best

When clients come to us, they are often surprised by the variety of unique solutions that our custom print packaging wholesale can offer. We create the most complex designs upon request. We don't follow market trends, but create them.

Start with design

In our the DTP studio, professionals work who can design a box for every industry and type of business.

Order production

We have the newest equipment and a full range of bonus features available. This way You can order cardboard packaging wholesale for business of every size.

We ship worldwide

Every day finished products from our cardboard packaging wholesale store reach customers worldwide.

Custom Printed Cardboard Packaging Wholesale

What packaging can you order here?


Eco-friendly recycled cardboard


Premium boxes with windows for alcohol or sweets


Medical for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries


Boxes based on custom ideas and unconventional designs

Large Sizes

Large cardboard boxes for home appliances and electronics.

More than just a box

Today, customers look at the packaging and immediately judge your company. They care about the type and origin of the cardboard. Custom print packaging wholesale Grafel has been operating since 1992. We have supplied the most unusual packaging for major companies, not only as a subcontractor but also as a partner in the production process.

Cardboard Packaging Wholesale

We source our materials from the best Polish and German cellulose producers on the market. We care about the environment, using the latest available solutions. You can choose paper with different weight, various finishes, and many printing methods. In total, our packaging wholesale offers millions of different combinations.

Custom print packaging wholesale

Grafel has already helped thousands of customers choose solutions that translate into their profit. We make sure that our boxes don't take up much space, are durable, and look great.

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Packaging Design and Wholesale:

  • Made of cellulose, corrugated cardboard, cardboard
  • Of any weight and in any size
  • In any color from the CMYK or Pantone palette
  • With finishes: gloss, matte, metallic, holographic
  • Offset, flexo, screen printing

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