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When others say: impossible

Customers often come to us when they've been told elsewhere that it can't be done. We've worked with hundreds of companies from various industries, often creating bold and innovative custom printed cardboard packaging. Manufacturers know we're not just their subcontractor, but a partner, involved in more than just packaging production.

Own DTP studio

Leading brands and advertising agencies appreciate the input of our specialists, who know everything about producing and designing custom printed cardboard packaging.

Packaging manufacturer

Printed cardboard boxes are created in our modern industrial park, where we can plan production to meet quantity and quality demands, as well as create non-standard sizes.

Worldwide shipping

The role of a cardboard packaging manufacturer doesn't end with production. We ensure our packaging reaches you in perfect condition where you need it. We pack to save space as much as possible.

Cardboard Packaging Manufacturer

See what else we offer:

Cellulose paper, cardboard, corrugated board

Weight and size tailored to your needs

Thousands of CMYK and Pantone colors

Matte and glossy foils, embellishments

Offset, flexo, screen printing

In the heart of Europe

We've been manufacturing custom printed packaging and cardboard boxes since 1992. Today, our company boasts a modern industrial park, employ 150 specialists, and have some of the best know-how in the industry. We source raw materials for packaging and cardboard boxes from the best European suppliers.

Best Solutions

When your customers open an ordered box, they want to be charmed. But not only that; they also care about practical matters and want to know where and under what conditions the cardboard boxes were manufactured. With us, you can also order eco-friendly cardboard boxes of suitable quality for food, medicine, or cosmetics, including recycled options.

Case Study

Panasonic was looking for a cardboard packaging manufacturer to create durable and transport-friendly cardboard boxes for electronics. Our packaging made its way to major retail chains, and today, as a custom printed packaging and cardboard box manufacturer, we deliver similar solutions worldwide.

We specialize in producing packaging for:

  • Electronics and large appliances
  • Food items, alcohol, sweets
  • The cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries
  • Stands, display stands, and other ads
  • Others: trays, cardboard houses, boxes with windows.

Manufacturers know they can entrust us with the most unusual projects.

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